Monday, May 12, 2008


Warga guru, staf dan murid SMK Lajau menyambut Hari Guru Peringkat Sekolah pada

16 Mei 2008
7.00 - 11.30 pagi
Dataran Gemilang SMK Lajau

Pengisian atur cara:

Nyanyian Lagu Negaraku,
Lagu Wilayah Persekutuan,
Lagu Guru Malaysia,
Lagu Sekolah

Pembacaan Perutusan Hari Guru
Ucapan Guru
Ucapan Terima Kasih Guru
Deklamasi Sajak Guru
Permainan Sukaneka
Penyampaian Cenderahati

Terima kasih kepada warga guru SMK Lajau
Jasamu dikenang jua.


vera b said...

Happy Teacher's Day to you. This is something which I have just found out, which I would like to share
with all of you.

A recent study has found that turtles and turtle eggs contain high levels of heavy metals and the presence of bacteria such as Salmonella and E.Coli have also been found. Therefore, the practice of consuming turtles or turtle
eggs can expose one to severe health risks such as cancer, acute kidney failure, diarrhoea, vomiting and severe dehydration, all of which can be fatal.

By Rahayu Zulkifli.

vera b said...

By Clark Mollenhoff

You are the molders of their dreams.
The gods who build or crush their
young beliefs of right or wrong.

You are the spark that sets aflame the
poet’s hand or lights the flame
in some great singer’s song.

You are the gods of young—the very young.
You are the guardian of a million dreams.
Your every smile or frown can heal or pierce a heart.

Yours are one hundreds lives—one thousand lives.
Yours is the pride of loving them, the sorrow too.

Your patient work, your touch, make you the god of hope
That fills their souls with dreams,
and make those dreams come true.

SMK LAJAU said...

Thanks for your comments and share something with us.